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    TELUGU SCRIPT can reproduce the full range of Sanskrit phonetics without losing any of the text's originality. In the heydays of the img Vijayanagar Empire, religious patronage was extended over a vast region of South India, with no language barriers. This benevolence fostered the growth of Telugu language with inter-language adaptations without preconceptions or prejudices. Such a broad perspective is sadly absent in the modern day.

    Notwithstanding the advantage of the script, those who are starting any new stotraa for the first time should seek guidance for proper enunciation and intonation of the verses. This is more important than being able to faithfully reproduce the phonetics in writing.

    The impetus to prepare electronic texts of devotional hymns came out of the interest of a dedicated group of individuals of Indian origin living in Canada who had no previous exposure to scriptures, but were keen to learn. A selected set of commonly chanted Stotraas was initially put together in Telugu (Pothana font) and Tamil (Mylai font), for the benefit of this group. Nominal tutoring was provided and the project was very successful. This initial set of stotraas entitled "stotra maalaa" is so identified in the Archives.

    The scope of the compilation was subsequently enlarged to cover a broader range of stotraas and mantraas.

    The motivation to archive the texts on the internet came through contact with imgDr.K.Kalyanasundaram of Lausanne in Switzerland who has been making a significant voluntary contribution in the cultural sphere.

    POTHANA Telugu font has been used for the texts presented in these pages. This font was developed by img Dr. K. Desikachary of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and his contribution to this compilation is gratefully acknowledged.

    After these texts in Telugu were first archived, major developments have taken place for generating Indian Language texts on computers. img For a fuller description of POTHANA FONT and other fonts used later in these pages, please CLICK HERE

    The input of the "stotraa study group" while putting together these pages is gratefully acknowledged.

    Periodic upgrades to Windows operating system and browsers has necessitated frequent format changes to older HTML files in Indian Languages.

    To avoid the need for frequent revisions or inconvenience to viewers due to changing standards, the entire stotraa collection has now been converted and archived here in PDF format.


    Please download the latest version of
    before attemptingto view these files.

    The archived Stotraas are selections from those
    commonly chanted in South Indian temples and households.
    The format of the Stotraas, and "Sankalpa" associated with the "Mantraas"
    are those generally followed in the "Shrii VaishhNava Saampradaaya".

    of stotraas

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    The archived scriptural texts may be chanted and the mantra rituals practiced by anyone so interested, individually and/or in groups,without taboos or exceptions of any kind.

    These pages are maintained
    as a small step in fostering
    sanaatana saampradaayam.

    ITRANS transliteration scheme has been generally followed for all Sanskrit words written in Roman script,and adapted where appropriate, for easy reading.

    These pages do not represent the official views of
    any group or organization.

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